Taphuy’s is a nice bar in the center of Tilburg, which offers a large selection of beers.

They have around 100 kinds of beers in self-services, there is also a nice selection of salty tapas. Because the more you eat tapas, the more you can drink, you know the rules of the game !

The bar

The best part of this place is that some beers come from delicious local brewery such as the “Brouwerij” made in Amsterdam and “La Trappe” made in an abbey brewery really near from Tilburg.

We also recommend you to visit this abbey, if you are interested they offer some tasting session, some excursion and of course a biking routes because you are in Netherland guys !

The atmosphere is chill during the day and more festive when the night comes. They organized each month some special nights where DJ come, so you can thanks to your dance course at Forza Danza school, move your body like a goddess.

There is an outside balcony where you can drink, chill and smoke with your friends. It is definitely a nice bar to hang out and having really really deep conversation with your friends.

Opening hours :

Sun – Thu : 11am to 1am

Wed – Sat : 11am to 3am

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