DEN HAAG – Sea and sun

If you want to escape from Tilburg and take a break, you should go to Den Haag, this city is near to the sea! Let’s take some fresh salty air!

Den hag center is cute and typical Dutch, it is one of my favorite cities in the Netherlands. There is a festive spirit in this beautiful and historic city, the proximity with the sea is real chance to feel in vacation near to your home !

After having discovered the city, you should go sea but it is too far by walk from the train station. You need to take the tram during around 30 minutes.

When you arrive in the seafront of Den Haag, you have various choices of restaurants on the beach for having a drink or lunch feet in the sand. Just enjoy your time choosing your spot and chill!
You also can enjoy The pier with its restaurants, and attractions.

The prices of restaurants are quite expensive but the atmosphere worth it.

After a good meal, I will recommend you to take a walk along the beach, first it is good for you digestion but also you could find some lovely surf shop, especially at the Quicksilver surf school. You can take a break and enjoy your large coffee

To go to Den Haag from Tilburg, you take a train it takes one hour and costs around 20 euros. Go check your tickets on NS.

 So take a break, go for vacation it is so close from Tilburg. And we know that you deserve it !

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