Frozen Yogurt at Frozi Yogi

Today is shinny ? Today is warmy ? Go at Frozi Yogi

You deeply need an Ice cream, because it is summer time in Netherland ? Go take your frozen yogurt at Frozi Yogi in the city center of Tilburg. 

At the end of your shopping fever in the city center of Tilburg, eat the frozen yogurt that you deserve. 

When you enter in the shop, a great child atmosphere takes place. Like a Proust Madeleine, you choose your favourite children snacks to add in your frozen yogurt. 

They have two yogurt flavours, classic one and mango.

The price is based on the weight of your frozen yogurt. So we will recommend you to not take too much frozen yogurt, and add lot of snacks on it

Then you can add as many snacks as you want in your yogurt.

They offer a large variety of possibilities : Strawberries, white and black chocolate, cookie dough, candies, fruits, etc.

Our classic frozen yogurt is classic base with cookie dough, some chocolate pepite, with some delicious and fresh strawberries.

Let’s be tempted for a delicious snacks, and if you want to take a drink after this go to Taphuy’s bar and chill over there with you belly full of delicious frozen yogurt.

Address : Heuvelstraat 118, 5038 AH Tilburg

Opening hours :
Closed on Monday and Tuesday
Wed – Sat : 12am – 6pm  
Thu : 12 am – 8pm 
Sun : 1pm – 6pm  

Go check the website : Frozen yogurt

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  1. In general, frozen yogurt can be viewed as a healthy alternative to ice cream — perhaps on par with frozen milk or some sorbets. The enzymatic benefits of yogurt can aid digestion, and some of the additional health benefits of yogurt remain in its sweetened and frozen form. It should not, however, be viewed as a “healthy” food, because it still contains relatively high levels of fat and might have extremely high amounts of sugar.

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