The theme park of Efteling

Between an enchanted universe and thrills!

From 20 minutes of the center of Tilburg by car, Efteling is one of the largest attraction and theme park of the Netherlands. It was created around Dutch tales and legends. When you enter you are directly transported in a world of wonders with a lot of colors! Moreover, Efteling has even won several international awards.

There is a total of 36 attractions in a magical world, with 6 roller coasters and 4 water attractions. You can also enjoy several shows with superb water and light effects. Moreover, depending on the season, the park adapts its shows and performances to impress its visitors! With more than one hundred billions of visitors since its opening, Efteling is really famous in Netherlands, Germany and Belgium. It is beginning to establish his international reputation. So don’t hesitate to take your ticket online, even if the line is not too long.

Opening hours
Mon – Sun : 10:00 am – 6:0 pm

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